Company Profile

 Techservice CZ, s.r.o. was established on 20 November 1998.

 The company’s main activities are: 
 - trading activity – purchase of goods for the purpose of the further resale thereof, and sales (predominantly metallurgical products);
 - mediatory activity.

Company Operations:
 The company operates primarily on the market within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

 Techservice CZ, s.r.o. is ISO 9001 certified.

Company Mission

The company’s main mission is to ensure customer satisfaction before, during and after every business activity, regardless of the complexity of the contract in question. Under all circumstances, the company does the maximum to ensure stable commercial, financial and transport services and thereby achieve long-term benefits for not only the TECHSERVICE group, but also for the customer. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, TECHSERVICE utilizes the latest information and technical expertise primarily as pertains to the European metallurgical market.

Employees are fully aware that the effective presentation of the business (courteous conduct, confidence, responsibility, reliability, trustworthiness and honesty) builds not just TECHSERVICE as a company, but also its professional image, embodied in the very word TECHSERVICE itself.
TECHSERVICE continuously endeavors to maintain a motivating environment, encouraging employees to put forth pro-active, professional performance, and enabling the satisfaction of both to be achieved – that of employees as well as customers. Understanding the needs and attaining the satisfaction of each and every customer is the priority.

The company’s objective is to face and compete with the competition in the business environment while adhering to ethical principles, respecting business culture, and complying with all of the laws, regulations, rules and customs valid within the country in which it operates.